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What can you expect from us?

In a word - service. We each have a background in successfully providing customer service; one of us at a small business level and the other at a corporate level. After retiring from our respective positions and taking a few years off, we chose to purchase the farm and help people in a different way. We want to help make the biggest days in peoples' lives as memorable and enjoyable as possible. We and our staff are up to the challenge, making sure that your event needs are tended to.

When you choose to hold your event at Cove Acre Farms you can expect communication. We'll be available to help answer any of your or your vendors' questions. And on our side, if anything changes with the barn or the grounds by our actions or otherwise after your visit, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as possible.

Once you've set your date with us, we'll have a few dates planned where we'll reach out to you, or meet with you, so that we may do our part to help you have the event of your dreams. These calls or meetings are informal, but important, as they'll help us make sure that everything you need to make your event plan a success is completed.

We're people that like helping people. How may we help you?

Mike and Cindy

Owners, Cove Acre Farms

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